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Blueprints Express Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Blueprints Express Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us and we will provide you with the right information.

Generally, this is not an option as our printers will be running other jobs, it is always preferable to email ahead with the file and we will let you know when it’s ready for collection.

We also operate a €5 minimum order, so it’s best to have a number of items to print in order to get value for money.

You can, however, need to know they are not necessarily ‘print ready’ files. It is most likely that the file will change due to different versions of software, to ensure that you have the best possible result. PLEASE SEND IT IN PDF.

The Word file receives fonts and is set up from your computer but doesn’t transport this information to our computer. That’s why we require a high-resolution PDF for the best results.

It stands for Portable Document Format – a file format that compiles a complete description of a fixed layout, a flat document including fonts, text, graphics and other information required to display it. In any Microsoft application, in your ‘Save As’ panel select ‘Save as PDF’.

Pretty much what it says, large format printing allows us to print posters and banners that are larger than the standard size. This means that we can look after what you need for trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.

It depends – for digital print it’s 350mm x 450mm, but offset print allows you to print larger sizes. Just ask us about the custom sizes to suit your needs.

They are two different processes that have pluses and minuses, depending on the specific job. Essentially, offset printing uses inks and plates to transfer images to paper. For small quantities (under 500 units) this is generally a more expensive printing method.

However, for larger print runs it can be the most economical print method. The other traditional advantages have been the quality of the result and the possibility of greater size versatility than digital printing.

Digital printing is more economical than offset for short runs (under 500 units). Because digital requires a file (rather than setting up printing plates) there’s less time and expense involved. Technology advances in recent years have ensured that high-quality digital printing now compares favourably with offset printing.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry. We will advise you on the best printing process for your specific job

Die-cutting is used for material that requires a special shape (such as a presentation folder or custom shape brochure). A ‘die’ – a knife that is created and attached to a special press – cuts that shape out of the paper.

In printing, bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming. Content on a page has to be printed oversize and then trimmed back to the correct size to give a bleed. Bleed is the zone outside the trim area. Margin is the zone inside the trim area. In other words, the bleed is the area to be trimmed off.

Sometimes called saddle stapling, it is a binding method that uses staples down the middle of the fold (the spine) to secure to individual printed sheets.

On-screen, you are viewing an image at the resolution of 72dpi, whereas in print, you are viewing it at 300dpi. Therefore, the image you supplied was probably low resolution and therefore looks fuzzy.

All brochure printing (with the exception of six-page brochures) must occur in multiples of four. So, while your brochure could be eight pages or 12 pages, it can never be 11. (Please note: this only applies to printed and bound brochures and not to documents, which could be wire-bound pages of any number).


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