Scanning Services

Blueprints Express offers scanning services in Galway and Ireland nationwide. We are more than just a company that scans documents. We provide scanning services to meet our customers needs. We can scan your hard copy original no matter how delicate the original copy is and convert it to any size you want, from a 6 inch x 4 inch standard photo, all the way up to an A0 poster or CAD drawing size.

We provide scanning services in black and white or colour. We let our customers choose their preferred file format in either JPEG or PDF. You can choose the destination for your scans from a flash drive, CD, DVD, or we can email them to you immediately. With affordable prices, speedy turnaround and free next day delivery throughout Ireland nationwide, Blueprints Express is your number one go-to company for all your scanning needs in Galway. Our confidential scanning services are broken down into 3 main types:


Document Scanning

Our secure, confidential and high quality document scanning services lets you create electronic copies of paper documents that can be viewed on screen. Once the documents are in electronic format, they can be archived as digital records. Our highly trained staff can scan anything from small items such as till receipts up to A3 size documents, both in colour or black and white. Choose whether you would like your scanned documents to be saved on a flash drive, CD, DVD, or we can email them to you instantly.


Photo Scanning

Memories are meant to be shared. Our photo scanning services incorporate state of the art equipment and intelligent scanning technology to create a digital version of your precious images and family memories so you can share them with your family and friends. We can scan your old photos and artwork regardless of size, as digital images on a flash drive, CD, DVD, or we can email them to you instantly. We scan at the highest possible resolution, so you can enlarge your photos into posters and collages without resolution problems. Multiple photos can be scanned to create a collage for a poster or a banner.


CAD | Large Format Scanning

Our CAD scanning services enable our customers to get digital copies of original hard copy drawings, so they can be saved and archived in either JPEG or PDF format. We can save these scanned CAD drawings to a flash drive, CD, DVD, or we can email them to you immediately. We can scan anything from old delicate maps to paintings and artwork. Rest assured that your documents will be handled as carefully as possible. We can scan in multiple passes and digitally stitch them together into one combined piece of artwork for presentations or for printing later.

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